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“An investment in knowledge , pays the best interest.”

                                                            -Benjamin Franklin

If there is anything the world could never get short of is knowledge . Life is that journey , where learning happens every single day. We learn , we grow. We are all students until we pass out of our universities. But a real student is one, that remains open to being a student lifelong. One who is open to knowledge, One who seeks vidya at every stage of his/her life. The greatest and the most eternal power is knowledge today and every coming day.

If there is an aura of peace at every holy places we visit. There is an aura of strength and power of knowledge at the libraries.

What we seek is seeking us. If we seek knowledge, Libraries are seeking us. For everybody wanting to grow, think, create, develop, connect. Library is one such place that welcomes us with open arms.

Here is the link to find a few libraries around you : 

Libraries hold great potential to bring about positive change. Libraries are a crucial component of the Indian knowledge society. They underpin India's national progress, have the potential to address inequalities, and can make information accessible to marginalized segments of Indian society.

While libraries hold a great deal of potential, particularly to complement the formal education system, improve literacy, and inspire children to read for enjoyment, this potential is unrealized given the current state of the library system and the range of challenges that confront library development in India. The question raised, is what can be done to enable libraries in India to realize their full potential and to overcome the challenges facing successful library development.

Various solutions have been discussed by this question. The proposal of a public private partnership model in order to rejuvenate libraries in India. A combined library concept might effectively provide library services to the developing world. The possibility of transforming libraries into community information centers , Another potential solution to this question is to look towards libraries created by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

India's information society is challenged by enormous inequalities and poverty regarding wealth and access to information. Along with other basic services, the Indian state has been unable to provide meaningful library services to the large population of marginalized individuals in India. While the public library system is in a poor condition, library revitalization holds potential to complement the education system and improve literacy.

Here are some ways libraries could be made interesting :

  • Bringing up reading challenge

Kids could be challenged to read 2 or more books over a month and could be rewarded accordingly for completing the challenge. Encouraging healthy competition and learning in them.

  • Having a book club

Imagine the energy and vibe that would be created by brining together people of same interest. There would be magic in the environment. People connecting to one another based on a similar interest would make the whole process of reading much more fun.

  • Availability of newspapers and magazines

Availability of newspapers and magazines can help to get the knowledge game up. Libraries must look out for publications that would add to the abundance of knowledge libraries carry.

  • Story telling sessions

Librarians could conduct a weekly story telling sessions at a certain time every week. To help budding readers gain interest in reading. Also, making the whole book reading game a lot more fun and interesting.

  • Play Games

Libraries could run board game club for kids. Today where most of kids spend most of their time on video games. Kids being a part of book clubs would get kids to spend enough time meeting new people and connecting with them and upscaling their knowledge.

  • Run Creative Writing Workshops

There could a budding writer present right beside us. Being a guiding force to kids who are keen to learn and upscale themselves, a writing workshop could help them explore the creative side in them.

  • Having a human book club

Imagine People being books and their life’s journey being a story. Every book would be a bestseller. Encouraging people to share their life lessons and empower one another is as beautiful and thoughtful as it sounds.

Every books have a story to tell, a lesson to be heard. Each book impacts us in different ways. The more clear we are in what we are seeking. The more clear answers the book provides. We as humans need love. Libraries give us exactly that. A community to talk to, teaches us how to fall in love with books, Broadens our perspective, we become learners every day. Teaches us life skills, We become listeners , speakers , and lot more. Library sometimes teaches us to live in the moment and sometimes takes us away from our present. There is abundance of knowledge in each library and the day we as people, realize that the greatest power there has ever been and will be, is knowledge. The world will grow in true sense.