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It was the second tenure of our winter clothes distribution drive. What initially was planned as a lowkey event involving a few partners and localities spread faster than a wildfire and anguised the whole nation into something pure hearted and very nobel. The credit goes to our marvelous SFA team spread throughout India and in some sections of bangladesh. 

Here are some pictures from Andhra Pradesh, TELANGANA, KOLKATA  Just to name a few.


Clothes distribution drives are easy to organize and they click with absolutely everyone. The idea of buying new clothes in winter and knowing your old ones are bringing joy to thier new owners is simply hear warming and satisfying. One can go to the lengths of organizing a drive or be a part of one by donating thier old clothes and blankets. These drives are fairly common in winters. 

Now how to make sure your clothes distribution drive is a success?

1. Dont be shy of meeting the needy at thier home. Visit a nearby slum area and talk to the elderly. Include the community in your plan and let them help you organize. Get an idea of the demographic and the requirement. 

2. Partner with other organizations for the collection and make them part of your destribution team. Trust be they wont say no to this. 

3.. Presorting your collection based on type and size is a must. 

4.. To avoid chaos, ask people to come or be in a line. 

5. Dividing your collection into serveral groups can be a good idea.