Broken Hand of old lady, Rescued and admitted in hospital

Recently encountered a heart-wrenching incident that left us deeply moved. Just two days ago, we stumbled upon an elderly lady, robbed of her clear vision, who tragically fell into a pond during the evening hours, resulting in a broken hand. With urgency in our hearts, our diligent volunteers promptly sprung into action, swiftly admitting her to the hospital. As fate would have it, this resilient woman happened to be the grandmother of one of our underprivileged students.

Without a moment's hesitation, we immediately covered the initial medical expenses, contributing a sum of 5,000 units of currency. Witnessing the transformative power of compassion, we are overjoyed to report that her health has been restored, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the hospital staff. However, the road to recovery remains long and arduous, as the doctor has recommended a two-week period of rest during which she cannot engage in any work to sustain herself.

Moved by her plight, we have taken it upon ourselves to care for her during this challenging time. Recognizing the dire circumstances, the local municipal commissioner, touched by our selfless endeavors, has generously provided her with essential medications from the government hospital, completely free of charge. Additionally, the commissioner, acknowledging our unwavering commitment, has graciously arranged free transportation services to ensure her accessibility to medical facilities. To further alleviate her burdens, a benevolent donation of 10 kilograms of rice has been bestowed upon Smiley Children Society.

This heart-rending incident has underscored the significance of our work and reinforced our resolve to stand as beacons of hope for those in need. As we witness the transformative impact of unity, compassion, and support, we are motivated to continue our noble mission of touching lives and creating lasting positive change in our community. Together, with the continued support of kind-hearted individuals like yourself, we can bring smiles to the faces of those who have lost hope and restore faith in humanity..

Broken Hand lady
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